Science Curricula & Museum Publications

Solar Science
Explore sunspots, seasons, eclipses and more. Learning resources for educators working with individuals in middle school or older.

Astro Adventures
An astronomy curriculum that meets most state standards at the elementary level.

Universe At Your Fingertips
Ninety of the best ready-to-use, hands-on activities for teaching astronomy, plus dozens of resource guides, helpful articles on student learning, and tips for creating an astronomy curriculum for any age group.

More Universe At Your Fingertips
Twenty-five new classroom-tested activities, a host of resource listings and teaching suggestions, plus a guide to reliable astronomy information and activities on the web.

Science Center Know-How
Includes science demonstrations, science exhibits, special event plans, and enrichment class curricula for those who are starting a science center or want to infuse new life into their present programs.

Collaboration: Critical Criteria for Success
Provides 12 key characteristics for a successful collaboration and seven assessment criteria for participating in a collaborative effort.

Handbook for Small Science Centers
Essays that help science center professionals improve what they do, from exhibits, education programs, strategic planning and much more.

Effective Astronomy Teaching and Student Reasoning Ability
Takes a workshop-style approach to help readers understand student reasoning abilities and identify strategies to effectively teach astronomy concepts.