Books: Astronomy

When the Sun Goes Dark
This richly illustrated book is a fun way to help young astronomers understand all the excitement during a solar eclipse. The book tells how two curious children and their grandparents re-create eclipses in their living room using a lamp, a tennis ball, two Hula Hoops, and table tennis balls. Later, in the backyard and around the house, the family explores safe ways to view a solar eclipse and ponder phenomena from sunspots to phases of the Moon.

Stars and Planets

Astronomy Activity Book

Return of the Comet
Build your own planetarium and model of the solar system. Construct a star finder to help you locate constellations in the night sky. Build a Pocket Sun Clock and follow the motions of the Moon. Learn about Halley’s Comet and get ready for its return in 2061. These books combine information and activities to spark the interest of any young astronomer.